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Orlyuk Y.,ANTOSHKo T.R., candidate. economy. Science,
National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"


The paper considers theoretical approaches to the definition of controlling the company.
It was determined that the primary purpose of controlling the investment is proving to automatism all management decisions related to the scope of the investment of the company in the future to achieve our strategic goals .
The author notes that controlling information services provided by means of planning , valuation, accounting and control, focused on the goal, the end result of the project implementation. It is noted that in practice, controlling of project primarily related to the accounting and reporting. Partial solution functions of accounting and reporting is due to statistics, budgeting, implementation of internal audit.
The analysis controlling functions. Also in the paper highlights that the result of the controlling is to develop optimal investment decisions over time and identify various areas of the investment project.
The findings indicated that controlling investment - a system of techniques and tools that aims at supporting investment management covering information security, planning, coordination, monitoring and internal consulting


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