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Melnikova A.N., Tulchinska S.O.,candidate. economy. Science, Associate Professor
National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"


The article presents recommendations for improving the process of business planning. The business plan is the basis for the operation of any enterprise, along with property maintenance, ranks among the minimum guarantees for investments. However, the lack of smart business plan, well-adjusted to changing conditions, which is especially important in the current financial crisis, there is a significant drawback, reflecting the weakness of management. Proved its components (CV, description of business and industry, description of goods (services), marketing and sales of products (services), production plan, organizational plan, financial plan, risk and security; efficiency project applications) according to the standards of investment UNIDO, identified key errors and shortcomings in the process of developing a business plan that allows potential investors to more clearly evaluate the profitability of the project or check payments, which in turn will attract investment to the company. The business plan provides a detailed explanation of how will be business management in order to ensure its profitability and repayment of investments. Constant changes in the economic environment in which the company operates, suggest refinement and revision of the business plan, which in turn requires the development of a mechanism to attract management personnel for such work. In general, the business plan is for internal and external purposes. The outside of the business plan is intended to justify the confidence of investors and creditors, their belief in the potential capabilities of the company, the competence of its employees and the need to give it strategic and financial aid.


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